Ready, Set, Go: Let's learn about wikis!

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Food for thought:

So what is a wiki anyway?

My Definition: An easy to set up website that allows a number of users with a common interest or purpose to communicate, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

Some background information

1. Wiki is Hawaiian for quick. Ward Cunningham, originator of the first wiki software, adopted the term for his new technology after using the "Wiki Wiki" shuttle bus system at the Honolulu Airport.

2. Originally developed as a way for software developers to communicate and share ideas, internal corporate wikis are increasingly being used.

3. Advent of Wikipedia in 2001, an online encyclopedia that readers can contribute to and edit, brought wikis to the attention of the broader public.

4. "Wiki farms" or wiki providers are now widely available online. Usually free with ads or ad-free for a fee.

5. Some education-friendly wiki providers: Wikispaces, PBwiki, Wetpaint

Characteristics of a wiki:

  1. Fast setup

  2. Easy to edit and equally easy to revert to previous versions of a page

  3. Extensive technical knowledge not required

  4. Collaborative

  5. Participatory

  6. Read-Write

  7. Promotes discussion

  8. Linkable, embeddable, and uploadable


Wikispaces Help for Teachers: